Laboratory Services


Our friendly and compassionate staff is here to provide safe and convenient testing for Covid-19, with PCR Testing, Rapid Testing, and Molecular Testing available with same-day results, covered by insurance with no copay*.

An antibody test will show whether or not you have developed AN IMMUNE RESPONSE AFTER EXPOSURE TO COVID-19 or vaccination.

This test cannot tell you if you have an active infection. If you suspect you have COVID-19, follow up with your healthcare provider for proper testing. This test should not be used to determine the level of immunity you have.

Regardless of your test results, it is important to continue to follow public health recommendations, such as vaccination, physical distancing, use of masks and face coverings, hand hygiene, and isolation and quarantine.


Laboratory Tests

Our practice offers on-site laboratory services for all of your lab needs. The Fall River location is staffed during all normal business hours with a phlebotomist from Eastside Clinical Lab. This allows you to have all lab work performed while in the office for your routine appointments. This also allows your care provider to make a faster diagnosis and get you back on the path to living a healthy and active life.

Our in-office laboratory services include:
• Pregnancy test (HCGs) Serum: Qualitative and Quantitative
• BRCA and other genetic screen tests for familial cancer syndromes (Myriad)
• CBCs
• Cholesterol testing
• Glucose tolerance testing
• Hepatitis B and C testing
• Non Invasive Parental Testing Kit
• OB PCO Panel (hormone levels, glucose, FSC, insulin, testosterone)
• Prenatal Labs
• Stat Chemistry testing (Chem panel and electrolytes)
• STD Panel (HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Herpes, RPR)
• Thyroid Panel
• Urine HCG
• Urinalysis

We also have established our own MA DPH approved onsite lab providing the following services:

• Rapid test for Covid-19 (BD Veritor)- results available in 20 minutes
• PCR testing for Covid-19 (Cepheid)- results available in 45 minutes
• Vaginitis panel (trichomonas, GC/Chlamydia) by PCR- available in 45 minutes
• Group B strep testing
• Influenza A/B by PCR- results available in 45 minutes

Having our own lab integrated in the office allows us to offer a unique service to our patients and the community. By doing the testing ourselves, we don’t need to send these specimens out to a reference lab for results allowing us to obtain a diagnosis in a few hours rather than days. This allows us to start treatment faster and get our patients feeling better sooner.

At Obstetrical Associates, our patients are always our top priority. Call and schedule an appointment today.