Appointment Info

Appointment Info


To schedule or cancel an appointment, please call 508-730-1666. If you are canceling an appointment, please call immediately so we may offer this opening to another patient.


If a serious condition develops call our office at 508-730-1666. You will be accommodated into our normal work schedule. If after hours, please call the same phone number and our answering service will contact our “On Call” physician to instruct you on what to do.


If you require emergency treatment, dial 911. If you are brought to an emergency room the hospital staff will contact us.

All your medical records are considered confidential information. We will release the records or any part of them only if you give us written authorization. No matter what the circumstances, we will not release these records unless we have written notification that you wish us to do so.


A call will be placed to your residence within 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. It is important that you notify us of any changes in your phone number to insure you receive this reminder call.


If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify our office immediately so that we can offer this opening to another patient.


All co-payments and charges for uncovered services are due at the time of service. Patients are responsible for verifying covered & uncovered services with their individual insurance. Please present your insurance card (s) at every visit so that we may verify all the information.